Uhura Digital relaunches Uniper Engineering and takes over B2B marketing

In a multi-stage UX and strategy process, the Berlin-based digital agency and Affinita member Uhura has relaunched Uniper Engineering’s website. Uhura is also now advising and supporting the engineering consultancy in its entire content and social media marketing.

As an engineering consultancy and solution provider, Uniper Engineering is part of Uniper SE, an international energy company that operates in more than 40 countries. Uniper Engineering has many decades of experience as a consulting partner for effective energy solutions in the optimisation of a wide range of power generation plants and as the owner and operator of a plant portfolio of around 34 GW.

The engineering division of Uniper Engineering was to be separated from the existing group site and presented as an independent brand and corporate unit.

Uhura set up a multi-stage UX and strategy process for the new site and thus defined the necessary requirements for the new site and its marketing. By optimising various content assets, flexible landing pages and a comprehensive content strategy, a new website was created that is oriented towards the needs of the users.

Furthermore, the Berlin agency advises Uniper Engineering on all content and social media marketing and implements B2B campaigns, content and website features.

For more info, check out the case at uhura.de.

You can also check out the new Uniper Engineering website here.