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Local everywhere

Affinità is…

a network of entrepreneurial, independent agencies hand-picked for their energy, expertise and effectiveness. We offer an exciting alternative to clients who find existing global agency options unsatisfactory.

Every day we deliver effective, results-driven solutions for CMOs and marketing leaders faced with ever-more complex commercial, technological and operational challenges.

Our 150 strategic, creative, digital, technical and media experts understand the game-changing role of enterprise marketing and have applied their expertise across multiple verticals including automotive, finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, technology, tourism, fashion and professional services.

Local Everywhere is our mantra. It means we can help clients improve the reach, quality and scale of their marketing wherever they do business, always maintaining an essential local perspective.

Between us we have won nearly 200 industry awards.

We are entrepreneurial,

Led by business people who have founded and developed successful agencies.

We are ideas-driven,

Recognizing the importance of original creativity in differentiating ourselves and our clients.

We are forward-thinking,

Always looking to anticipate trends, technologies and market drivers.

We are agile,

Named after the Italian word for affinity because we genuinely understand our clients' needs, and together we have the skills, capabilities and experience to meet every challenge.

We are experts in

Active Marketing

Strategy, Idea & Concept
Social & Content Marketing

Affliliate Marketing

Media Planning & Buying
Programmatic Strategies

Search Strategies
Display / Pre-roll / Native

Tracking & Metrics
Fraud detection, Real-Time KPIs

Influencer Marketing
App-store Marketing
Lead Nurturing


Business Case Development

Product Launches

Innovation Sprints
Design Thinking
Design Workshops

Corporate Activation:
Re-Orgs / Processes / Resources

Customer Insights, Surveys
Customer Journeys

Privacy Policies
Data & IT Security

Content Creation

Text Design
Effective SEO Content
Video Production

Commercial Content

Newsletter Content

Social Media Editorial Services
Community Management
Content Audits
AR / VR Production

Voice Marketing

Data & Analytics

Data Collection Strategies
Data Cubes/OLAP

A / B Testing
Conversion-Rate Optimisation
User Flow UX  / Lead Tracking

In-App Analytics
On-Screen (Heatmap/Scrollmap)

Social Media Monitoring
Real-Time KPIs / Dashboards

Big Data Analysis
Big Query (GA Premium)

Design & User Experience

Brand & Corporate Design Development
(Visual Definitions)

Experience Design:
User Task Flow
Site and Content Maps
Feature Definition

Interaction & Service Design
IA, Wireframes, Wireflows
User Scenarios, Gamification

User Interface Design
Gesture Interaction Design


Frontend / Backend

Mobile & Responsive
Native & Hybrid Apps
Smart TV Apps

e-Commerce / Blockchain

CMS / CRM / Intra- / Extranet

API Orchestration

VR / AR / Gaming

Internet of Things (IOT)
Dashboards / Monitoring

Education & Training

Bespoke Courses for:
Display Advertising

Social Media Strategies
Social Selling / New Retail
Affiliate Marketing

Practical Workshops
Design Thinking Workshops

Voice Marketing

Google Analytics
Smart Media Trends

Performance Marketing

ROI Strategies
Affiliate Marketing

Partner Scoring
Influencer Evaluation

Kaizen Content Optimisation

Lead Generation
Inbound Content Marketing
Engagement Strategies

Growth Hacking


Market Landscape
Opportunity Analysis

Organisational Behaviour
Corporate Capability & Teambuilding

Commercial Ethnography Research
Neuromarketing Audits

Trend Research / Coolhunting
Learning Groups

Technical Audit
Competitor Analysis

Voice Search Analysis


Digital Branding
Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy Development

Online Sales & Marketing
e-Commerce Marketing

Digital Transformation Consulting

Strategic Prioritisation & Roadmapping

Profitability Analysis

Technical Web Audit

Video Production

Corporate Communication
Journalism / Interviews / Events
Sport Videos

TV Spots / Commercials / Serials
Campaign Videos

2D / 3D Motion Graphics
Virals / 360º

Promotional Videos
Products & Services

Animated Explainer Videos

Social Media Shorts
Rights Management