Podcast: Affinità, Five Years of Innovation

This 38th Episode of our podcast is especially unique. It’s our way to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Affinità,
our global network.

Founded in March of 2017 – by 10 European agencies – Affinità is an alliance now spanning four continents.

After we blew out the candles at our Bi-Annual Meeting in Sweden last March, we interviewed 3 CEOS of Affinità agencies in New York, Amsterdam, and London.

And, be sure to listen until the end, to hear from a very special guest from an unlikely hotbed of Innovation!


Listen right here, and consult additional resources in this episode’s Programme Notes.



How Víctor Rivera, founder of Agenda in New York, completely transformed his agency, centering everything aroundhis employees.

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Followed by a stroll along Amsterdam’s canals with Jelle Oskam, an impressive Dutch Smart Data entrepreneur.

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For advice on Trends & B2B Marketing, we pop in for a pint with Jason Talbot, MD of London’s award-winning agency, The Croc.

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