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Intelligent Marketing

Relationships that Matter

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We’ve always focused on helping our clients long-term. creating relationships in both B2C and B2B.

However, not with everyone. We seek their most profitable customers.

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Today We Have the Tools

At our BV Innovation Lab, we explore AI, Smart Data, Voice, Neuro and Marketing Automation to help us create a more Intelligent Marketing. Yet, more’s needed.

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We Need to go Further

Becoming experts in ‘H2H’: Human to Human, with a determined user-centric focus.
Winning loyalty and confidence from People for whom your Brand is a Lovemark.

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We’d love to learn how we might do great things together.
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We are experts in


Our Interactive strategies have helped clients since 1995.
Everything your Digital Brand needs in one agency:

Branding, CRM, E-Mail Marketing, Promotions, Social Media, Video & more.

Content Creation

Voicebots, can you hear us? We're the home of the Alexa European Marketing Flash Briefing. Expand your Omnichannel Reach by integrating Voice into your strategy:

Ask us about Voice Apps, Podcast, Search & Voice Commerce Services!

Active Marketing

Energise your e-Commerce! Create a profitable online store.

Our 360º management includes Admin, Promotion, Cross- & Up-Selling, Conversion Rate Optimisation & Growth Strategies.


Create the New Marketing, now in our BV Innovation Lab.

From Artificial Intelligence to Smart Data, Virtual Blended Realities to Voice & Chatbots.

Design & User Experience

Optimise your metrics.

In UX Design and Neuromarketing, we analyse your data to help you constantly improve.

Dashboards, Heatmaps, Funnel Analysis, A/B Testing, Neuromarketing & more!


Anticipate the Future, thanks to our Customer-Centric focus.

Obtain outstanding results and ROI due to relevant, real-time Personalisation.

Education & Training

Barcelona, Your Ideal Business Venue:
Give your team or clients a unique experience.

· Venue & Programme / VIP Concierge
· World-Class Speakers
· Travel & Accommodations
· Press / Digital / Email MK / Social
· Tech / Streaming / Translations

Our clients

From local well-known enterprises to worldwide loved brands: here are just a few of the great people we’ve had the privilege of working with.

We’re familiar with

"No me hagas la pelota" means "Don't kiss up to me". As in "¡No le hagas la pelota al jefe!" – "Don't kiss up to the boss!"

We know it, because we speak local. Like your brand will.